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Born on base in Ft.Rucker, AL and then raised in San Antonio, TX, now currently living in Atlanta, GA, Tenia has always been a creative and expressive being. Being able to have lived in Germany for some years as a child and parents being of the clergy, she has a greater outlook on people and style due to traveling. Elementary school is where her artistry began, she was the one you went to have your name drawn in realistic bubble letters for your Lisa Frank trapper keeper or a drawing of your favorite Simpsons character. In middle school she played the French horn but chose the tenor saxophone instead. In high school she was in theater,  art club, and show choir. Dance is also a love of hers where she was the president and choreographer of her childhood church's liturgical dance team for many years. She is still currently involved in performing arts till this day.

​But then there was FASHION and STYLE, which came very unexpectedly, even though she would stay up late styling outfits when she was in high school wearing them backwards for a different style, then later doing visual merchandising at her friends clothing store, it still never occurred that her being a clothing designer was going to be in her life's work. She was unconsciously prepping her mind for this gift of sewing by visiting Saks 5TH and Nordstrom to look at the construction of the clothes and feel the texture of the fabrics. She got her first sewing machine in 2013 and the rest  was history. 

Today she has her own brand accomplishing classy business wear with a twist, date night wear and clothing dedicated to those who are in love with comics and are Unapologetic about it. She has worked in film assisting the Cutter/Fitter in the costumes department, while also acting in independent /short films herself. Tenia's road has not been easy as she had to tap in to self awareness from building her confidence,  believing  in her work, and those  personal life struggles of love, God and personal finance. 

But she made it,  Tenia's aim is to encourage all no matter their creed or economic status to be Unapologetic in who they are as women and as human beings. 

​Unapologetically a Queen 


Tenia Taylor

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