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   Garment Redesign/Thrift  Upcycling 
Custom Apparel Partner Delicate Kreations



If you have garments that need to be adjusted for fit due to weight loss/gain, or you are a thrifter and need those garments to fit, you are in good hands. Available for men too.

Garment Redesign & Thrift UpCycling

make it a dress

change the sleeves

make it a skirt

If you have an idea for a garment you want to transform into something different or add some wow to a garment you have had for a while or thrifted, please check our services.

Custom Made Special Occasions Garments

Delicate K’s mission is to promote self expression and empower every client one stitch at a time. Get a custom made garment for any special occasion, music video, or film project.

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Tenia Taylor Designs

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