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  • What do you specialize in?
    We specialize in making Exclusive One of its Kind Garments, used with a service we use and provide to our clients garments call Garment Redesign. We cater more to women's apparel such as dresses, skirts, tops and occasionally outerwear. We also do minor alterations with all gender and ages clothing garments welcomed.
  • What sizes do you make?
    Womens 12 - 20 ( pattern size 12-20 if you are not familiar with patters either goolge one or look at the back of a physical one to see body measurements based on that size. If it was a garment redesign it would be whatever the costomer brought in that fits them.
  • What if I want to change something on a  garment that I purchased from your site or bought from your Pop Up Shop or something personally I own?
    We offer a service called Garment Redesign that is for changing the look/style of the garment, see the Garment Redesign area on the services page) for pricing. We also provide alterations to change the fit of a garment that qualifies for that service. If it is a garment you purchased with us it will have to be paid in full and once the payment for the redesign is paid the item becomes not returnable.
  • Do you perform alterations on my personal garments?
    Yes, we will preform minor alterations on any genders and ages qualifying garments. See services page for alterations price list and disclosures.
  • What is the shipping cost?
    Domestic shipping only, allow 3 days for item to ship Standard $7 (3-5 day arrival per order) Tracking included ( not responsible for lost mail, contact USPS to file a claim) International and Overnight shipping not available as of yet
  • What is the turnaround time for alterations and how many fittings do I need ?
    It depends on the alteration and also how soon you are available for the fittings and what need to be adjusted. The average garment take about 2-3 fittings. Average turn around can be 2-5 days still depending on what is done, your availability and my work flow.
  • Do you provide other services?
    Yes, we offer Garment Redesign for a change in the look/style of the garment, Alterations for the adjustment of fit of the garment, Studio/Photography Rental for those wanting to take pics for self, business products, etc
  • Do you make custom garments?
    See DELICATE KREATIONS on our services page to schedule a consultation regarding your inquiry for a custom made garment for those who are looking for Custom made garments for special occassions, film, weddings, music videos, and etc. We do not specialize in raw custom made garments but we do offer Garment Redesign that can change your Tenia Taylor Designs garments or your personal garments look, therefore making it custom designed to your likings.
  • If you make clothes can't you make custom garments as well?
    That depends on the designer, we are a clothing design company, we specialze in recreating looks where as another designer may specialize more in custom made gamrents in taking your measurements and creating garments based off your exact size and design specifications See DELICATE KREATIONS on our services page to schedule a consultation regarding your custom made garment.
  • Is my personal information secure?
    Yes. Tenia Taylor Designs, LLC is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and protection against fraud. We have adopted the latest technologies to ensure that your credit card, contact, and shipping/billing information are kept confidential.
  • How can I pay?
    If you are purchasing off the website just follow the checkout prompts, payment via website is connected through paypal. If you are at a Pop Up Shop you can pay via Apple Pay, Cash App, Cash, and Square (if applicable). No checks under any circumstances.
  • Do you provide Returns or Refunds?
    I value my costumers and although I am not required to offer any refunds, I do like to do right by my client and to my business so upon purchase we will go over the garment together for customer questions and satisfaction before leaving with garment. Each garment will be situation based.
  • What is Mobile Sewing Service?
    If you are not able to come to my establishment for fittings or you just prefer the comfort of your own home I will come to your home for a fee. ( see services page for more complete details).
  • What are Bow-Tie Bows?
    This is a statment piece handmade to take your outfit to a whole other level. They are made with clasp pins so they can be worn on garments with no collars or a dress or top as a bowtie or styled on anything like a bag as an adornment. Be sure use discretion as the pin may leave a tiny entry point hole on fabric.
  • Is there a customer service number to call?
    Not at this time, please email for any shipping questions or received garment questions. All items will be sent a picture of quality before shipped to eliminate issues of any damage to garment. Please allow 24-48 business hours to respond. (Equivilant to 1-2 business days)
  • Do you make Menswear?
    We do not, although we do offer services to men and also children, we can make certain mens accessories upon request vests and ties with fabric provided by client. Please submit an inquiry on site or send a email to
  • What days are you available?
    Please call or submit an inquiry via website for availability.
  • What is your design process for your One of its Kind gamrents?
    I create when I finally see a vision for the garment or farbic, and when my spirit is well with what I created then it is finshed.
  • Do you have gift cards?
    We do not offer gift cards at this time.
  • What does Upcylce mean?
    Upcycle is a term used when you take a garment and change the look of it slightly or turn it into something else entirely. Example: take a shirt and make it a bag, or take a blazer and take of the sleeves and add make the blazer a crop top. Some items listed are upcycled. Prewashed.
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